T20 World Cup 2021: How India can qualify for semi-final?

After two devastating losses against Pakistan and New Zealand, India was on the verge of elimination in the T20 World Cup 2021. While India gained the confidence and hopes to qualify for the semi-finals after a huge 66 runs victory against giant slayer Afghanistan,

Scenarios of how India can qualify for semi-final

India must win all their remaining matches against Scotland and Namibia, if they lose a single game they are out of the tournament.

New Zealand must lose at least one of their two matches against Afghanistan and Namibia. Considering Namibia is an associate nation and new team, New Zealand are favorites against Namibia. Which makes New Zealand vs Afghanistan more crucial for India. If New Zealand beats both Afghanistan and Namibia, India will be eliminated from the T20 World Cup 2021 as New Zealand will be having 8 points while the maximum points India can gain is 6.

If India wins both games, New Zealand beats Namibia, and Afghanistan beats New Zealand with a close margin. This will bring India, New Zealand, Afghanistan equal on 6 points, semi-finalists will be decided through Net Run Rate. To go past the Net Run Rate of both Afghanistan and New Zealand, India must beat both Scotland and Namibia by 60 runs or more. If chasing, India must win before 13 overs.

Current Net Run Rate of teams, India +0.073, New Zealand +0.816, Afghanistan +1.481.

Even if India has low chances to qualify for the semi-final, we should keep our hopes alive as India has done many miracles this year.

  • India vs Scotland on November 5.
  • India vs Namibia on November 8.
  • New Zealand vs Namibia on November 5.
  • New Zealand vs Afghanistan on November 7.

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