How to get 8 Icons for free in new Shapeshifter event in Fifa Mobile 22/23

New Shapeshifter is coming tonight at reset. EA is giving some good rated player free to play (F2P). Let’s look at the guide to the event.


We will have to complete a lots of quests as usual. If you complete all the quests you will get 109 rated Owen for free. One thing to notice is that this 109 rated RW Owen card is untradeable (you cannot sell for coins). If you complete quests, you will get a lot of coins. Below is the complete list of items we will get by completing the quests.

Shapeshifter event quest rewards
Shapeshifter event quest rewards
Credits – EA Sports


Shapeshifter event exchange
Credits – EA Sports

So the 3 players whom you are seeing above, you will be able to get completely Free to Play (F2P). The requirements for the exchange are also not tough.

To get 109 rated CB Christian Vieri, you have to exchange

  • 2X 105+ ovr Serie A Players
  • 3X 103+ ovr Serie A Players
  • 15X 100+ ovr Serie A Players
  • 15X 90+ ovr Serie A Players
  • 15X 80+ ovr Serie A Players
  • 1X 95+ ovr TOTW Player

To get 108 rated RW Hagi, you have to exchange

  • 2X 104+ ovr RW/RM/RB Players
  • 3X 102+ ovr RW/RM/RB Players
  • 10X 100+ ovr RW/RM/RB Players
  • 10X 90+ ovr RW/RM/RB Players
  • 10X 80+ ovr RW/RM/RB Players
  • 1X 90+ ovr TOTW Player

To get 107 rated LW Alan Shearer, you have to exchange

  • 2X 103+ ovr England Players
  • 3X 101+ ovr England Players
  • 8X 100+ ovr England Players
  • 8X 90+ ovr England Players
  • 8X 80+ ovr England Players
  • 2X Newcastle Players

Star Pass

So finally this time EA is giving a good player for Free to Play section of star pass. We are getting Carragher and Veron in the F2P section.

Shapeshifter event star pass
Credits – EA sports


This time EA is bringing back some Gem offers based packs. This will be really good for old players who have a lot of gems, especially for the players who played World Cup event.

Shapeshifter event Fifa Mobile store offers
Credits – EA Sports

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