Top 5 best FIFA 23 cards

To the delight of FUT enthusiasts worldwide, EA Sports just launched the eagerly anticipated 89+ World Cup or Prime Icon SBC in FIFA 23. In general, it’s an alluring concept given that the most recent SBC gives players the chance to acquire some of the most powerful and costly cards in the game. EA Sports has also incorporated the icons’ FIFA World Cup renditions to add to the excitement. When Qatar hosted the FIFA World Cup, these special cards were released, but they are no longer included in packs. The highest ones that a player can acquire in a game are Prime.

These are the best possible FIFA 23 cards


Pele FIFA 23 card

Pele’s prime card is highest rated card in FIFA 23 and both World Cup and Prime card are available. Pele’s card of both World Cup and Prime offers tremendous pace, dribbling, shooting, passing and decent physical. Every single one of them is Cf and prime which is a CAM. Solid player with top traits like finesse shot and playmaker. With his recent demise fans are emotional and are eager to get him as a tribute to the legend.

Ruud Gullit

Ruud Gullit FIFA 23 card

Over time, the name Ruud Gullit has come to be associated with the Ultimate Team community. Through multiple FUT editions, the Dutch icon has maintained his position as one of the most powerful cards, and FIFA 23 is no exception. Despite not having a World Cup variant in the game, his Prime card is unquestionably one of the best box-to-box midfielders available.

Ruud Gullit has a five-star weak foot in addition to being exceptionally well-rounded and adaptable. His dominant physical presence, though, which enables him to easily outmuscle and disarm any assailant, is his most significant asset. Fans will be incredibly lucky to acquire him because he is a fan favourite for both newcomers and veterans.

Johan Cruyff

Johan Cruyff FIFA 23 card

Johan Cruyff has had an unparalleled impact on the beautiful game and is frequently referred to as the father of modern football. In addition to being one of the greatest players in history, he also made history as a manager of FC Barcelona. His Icon cards in FIFA 23 perfectly represent his legacy, and his 94-rated Prime version is one of the strongest strikers in Ultimate Team.

Cruyff has Ronaldo Nazario’s mix of five-star abilities and a five-star weak foot. Cruyff is a master of playmaking who is best used as a second striker or CAM while Ronaldo is more of a devastating finisher. Due to his overpowered character, his pricing on the FUT transfer market reflects this.


Lucio FIFA 23 card

Fans were curious to see how EA will present Lucio when he was confirmed for FIFA 23, and they have surely done him due. With no major weaknesses in that department, he is currently among the finest defence base cards in the game. However, this is also reflected in his asking price on the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team transfer market, which is a fair buck.

Yaya Toure

Yaya Toure FIFA 23 card

We have Yaya Toure, one of Manchester City’s all-time finest players, who narrowly missed taking the top slot. Another card that might easily be endorsed as an icon, but EA thought that he should have a Hero card instead. Toure’s incredible raw football talent, along with his speed and power, allowed him to dominate the Cityzens’ midfield for many years. He was also a capable goal scorer, scoring 20 goals in one Premier League season across 35 games. absurd numbers for a midfielder.

Anyone who gets to find his Hero card in the game should count themselves extremely lucky because it is just as crazy as he was.

Should we ignore any FIFA 23 cards?

Miroslav Klose World Cup Icon, Michael Laudrup World Cup Icon, Gary Lineker World Cup Icon, Ian Wright Prime Icon, and David Trezeguet Prime Icon. These cards can be rather useful in the correct hands and aren’t necessarily bad on their own. The cost of finishing the SBC is their biggest problem. Since all five of these are readily available on the open market, their value as SBC rewards has decreased.

However, if players use material from their personal collections and lower the completion fees, the value of these cards will rise.

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