WWE 2K23 vs WWE 2K22 noticeable changes

WWE 2K23 is now available for pre-order and is available from march 17 2023. Last year’s WWE 2K22 served as a solid return to form for the franchise after years of poor releases and it seems like developer is hoping to keep that momentum going with several improvements and changes in WWE 2K23. These are the some of the differences players are going to see this year.

New Showcase Star

Each WWE 2K game introduces a brand-new showcase mode and its own distinct blend of wrestling gameplay and documentary-style storyline, centred on the professional wrestling career of a different wrestling icon. This year’s mode will focus on John Cena, who is perhaps the greatest wrestler of all time. Rey Mysterio took centre stage last year. Fans of the series will recall that John Cena had a significant role in WWE 2K15 showcase mode, which concentrated heavily on his fight with CM Punk. However, this year’s mode will be entirely focused on him and his journey.

Presumably, Cena will be narrating the events that are depicted over a 20-year period. You may anticipate seeing matches from Wrestlemania 34 with The Undertaker, Wrestlemania 28 with The Rock, Superslam 2021 with Roman Reigns, Hell in a Cell 2009 with Randy Orton, Backlash 2003 with Brock Lesnar, and many more recreated in some of the matches.

More Showcase Changes

With WWE 2K23, the aesthetic design is also giving the showcase mode a distinctive touch. Although in the previous year’s modes, players were able to control the leading stars by engaging in a series of battles during their careers. But this year, John Cena will be the opponent in every match. You will control a different wrestler as they face off against John Cena in the ring. The full list of these playable stars has not yet been confirmed by 2K and Visual Concepts, but a handful have been named, including Triple H, The Undertaker, Rob van Dam, and The Undertaker.

War Games

WWE 2K23 war games mode

The war games match type, which is a brand-new match type in WWE 2K23, is one of the game’s most significant innovations. In each war game encounter, two teams of three or four players will face off against one another in two rings separated by a steel cage. Depending on how well each team is playing, teammates may enter the rings at various points throughout the match. Of course, there will be a use of weapons. While there will be arenas for both the NXT and the Survivor Series. Also, it has been confirmed that war games would support both single-player and multiplayer play.


Reverting to series standards, mygm is returning in this year’s game and, as you might assume, it will be improved upon over last year’s mode in a number of ways. The biggest change, and the one that will make fans the happiest, is the addition of many seasons as compared to modes that only covered one season, as they did in 2K22. There may be a cap on the amount of seasons you can go through, or you may be able to play the mode indefinitely is yet to be confirmed. Unsurprisingly, the mode will also bring additional GMS for you to play as, and users may now design their own unique GM. On top of that the mode will also feature more match types, expanded match cards and support for four players. Also, the mode will allow four players and include additional match kinds, larger match cards, and more match types.


Myrise will be the highlight of WWE 2K23 for many people. Due to the fact that this mode lets you make your own superstar and follow their ascent through the ranks to wrestling glory, and because 2K and visual concepts have not yet revealed any information about how this year’s mode will advance on last year’s. One very specific improvement that many fans have been looking for in WWE 2K22 has been announced. This year, gamers will be able to import any and all produced custom wrestlers from outside the mode, unlike 2K22’s myrise, which demanded that a new character be made especially for the mode. The lock and the legacy are two separate storylines that will appear in 2K23’s myrise mode, exactly like it did in the game from last year. Depends on whether you are wrestling as a man or woman.


Myfaction was one of the largest and most intriguing additions to WWE 2K22, and even if its emphasis on a card collection-centric structure has caused some controversy, there were still a lot of people who liked it. Although we still don’t know exactly how this year’s game will enhance the mode, one specific aspect has been verified. Last year’s Myfaction mode only supported single player, while this year’s mode also offers multiplayer.


It’s no surprise that WWE 2K23 will once again provide players with a full customisation tool set to construct their own superstars and experiment with a range of options since customization elements have always been a key component of the WWE games. Although visual concepts and 2K have not yet provided us with specifics regarding the upgrades and enhancements we may anticipate from the game on this front, one thing they have confirmed is that advanced entrance customising possibilities, which were absent in WWE 2K22, will be returning. Series fans have devoted a lot of time over the years to personalising the entrance of their favourite wrestlers with the wide range of possibilities available, so the hope that this element will return is a good one.


The WWE’s annual entry adds new playable superstars to its pool of wrestlers every year, and this year’s game will be no exception. There will be more than 170 superstars on the WWE 2K23 roster when it debuts, according to 2K and visual concepts. Which is a little more than what its predecessors had to offer when they were first released. As you might expect, the majority of the characters on this roster are returning from the previous year’s game, but there are also a number of newcomers who will be given a chance to join the party, such as the Bella Twins Nikki and Brie, Kurt Angle, Queen Zelina, Cody Rhodes, and Molly Holly. Meanwhile it’s also been confirmed that with the bad bunny bonus pack and the ruthless aggression pack a handful of characters will join the roster as well. Moreover, it has also been reported that a few new characters will be added to the roster along with the bad bunny bonus pack and the ruthless aggression pack.

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