Ultimate Team of the Year (UTOTY) FIFA mobile 22 event explained

On wednesday Antwan on Twitch unveiled ultimate Team of the year (UTOTY) and event will begin on thursday midnight. The event is looking really awesome.

Now Team of the year section (TOTY) section will be replaced by Ultimate Team of the Year (UTOTY) section. Now we have to get rivals ticket by playing VSA matches or H2H matches. Note that if you choose VSA or H2H, you can’t change them for 7 days. For example, if you choose VSA then you have to play VSA matches for 1 week, you can’t switch to H2H.

Rivals TOTY 23 rewards

First claim 15 rivals ticket, with those tickets you can play VSA or H2H matches. By playing VSA or H2H matches you may get a chance to get 106+ ovr players, 1600 TOTY tokens, it depends on how many VSA or H2H matches you win. If you want to get extra rivals ticket, you have to exchange five 98-100 ovr TOTY player and you will get extra 5 rivals ticket.

TOTY and UTOTY exchange section
Credits – FIFA Mobile

With new addition, you will now get TOTY exchange section where you can exchange your players and get a chance to get 101+ ovr TOTY players, 109+ ovr TOTY players and 109+ ovr UTOTY players. It will be extremely difficult to get 109+ ovr players, the percentage chance are really less.

FIFA mobile UTOTY milestone
Credits – FIFA Mobile

But worry not, this is the milestone section where you can get guaranteed 109+ ovr UTOTY and 110+ ovr UTOTY players. You have to complete the milestone by exchanging the players. For 20 exchanges you will get one 110+ ovr UTOTY and by 50 exchanges you will get one 109+ ovr UTOTY.

Then there’s 110+ and 112 ovr UTOTY and icons player exchange section are also available. But it’s extremely difficult to complete this because to get 110+ ovr player you need to exchange six 109-110 ovr TOTY or UTOTY players.

UTOTY and Icon player exchange FIFA mobile 22
Credits – FIFA Mobile

You will get only 4 F2P UTOTY players rest will come in store section where you have to spend FIFA points and gems to get the players.

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